Decorative Painting has endless forms and applications.
    This is faux oak grain on a metal door in
    Falmouth, Maine.  The trim board on the
    right is real oak.  The customer had
    renovated a condominium with all new oak
    trim and needed to make the metal entrance
    door match.  
    This is another example of faux grain on a
    metal door.  Again the trim and wall
    paneling on the left are real pine.  This time
    the metal door was flat. The v-match, the
    graining, and the panel details of the door
    on the right are trompe l'oeil.
    Here a plastered fireplace surround has been
    painted to look as though it has Dutch tile
    installed on it.  On the right you can see that
    the trompe l'oeil lines between the faux tiles
    give them dimension.  
    Please scroll down for more..
    Please scroll down for more..
    Decorative painting really has no boundaries.  Tony Castro and Company can create
    most any thing you can imagine.  Please contact us with any questions.
    This is one of a set of chairs that had all
    been stripped of their original paint and
    structurally restored.  The black finish
    was applied in hand rubbed coats and the
    gilded stencil motif was created to suit the
    period of the chairs.